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About Custom Playing Cards Manufacturer company

Company Objective:

Visit a whole new creative world of customized playing cards from Custom Playing Cards Manufacturer company. Personalized playing cards can send powerful messages to your target audience in a fun way. Are you looking for a perfect gift that is enjoyed by people for a long time? Then, consider printed playing cards with personalized messages or images in bulk.


Company History :

In more than 40 years since the company's inception in the 70's, Custom Playing Cards Manufacturer company has been a pioneer in the manufacture of branded and specialized playing cards. During such period, we have been producing playing cards for some well known companies in the world such as Pedigree, Universal Maps, AAA of America, Smirnoff Vodka, and Marlborough.


Company Process and Features :

Custom Playing Cards Manufacturer company utilizes an efficient, functional and detail-oriented manufacturing process in order to produce high quality products. In addition, we also make use of new and innovative tools and technology such as Heidelberg printing methods and leading digital art workplace starting from the design stage up to the finishing touches. This well-organized and effective manufacturing process ensures that whether the project is a million orders or simply a single one, the output is superior and as ordered by the client.


Also, we are the only Asian playing cards manufacturer that uses vertical integration method in production. This means that all process in manufacturing are done within the company itself which ensures that strict quality control, as well as, accurate and fast delivery is possible and observed.

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Our company only believes in one thing and that is to provide the best and trustworthy customer service together with reliable distribution of only excellent products. Thus, whether you order a single or 5 million decks of cards, Custom Playing Cards Manufacturer company can and will do it for you, reliably.


Special design team to assist you


Custom Playing Cards Manufacturer company has a special art and design department to help you design your personalized deck of playing cards. You can even get your wedding cards designed with your favorite designs or print your marketing catalogue content on the playing cards. Bulk orders of designer cards are the specialty of Custom Playing Cards Manufacturer company.


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